The aim of the audit is to save time and reduce costs in foreign trade operations, make the services you receive effective and make them respond adequately to the actual needs.


Our review will include verifying all the inherent documentation for the Customs operations effected during the periods requested.
To achieve that objective your Company ought to make all the necessary documentation available to audit:

  • Importation/exportation operations or other operations requested. At the same time, a fluid and permanent contact will be required with the contact person assigned.

Analysis of the import and export operation composed by the stages that follow:

  • Survey of working criteria.
  • Survey of administrative circuits.
  • Survey of operational circuits.
  • Analysis of the functions of the staff in contact with the foreign trade area.
  • Costs, times and movements’ analysis.
  • Legal Customs advice.
  • Tariff classification.
  • Commercial Department.